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“I had no idea that…”
End of the Year Hurrah
Networking (and tanning…)
Adventure is Out There!
Spit It! Poetry & Spoken Word Open Mic Night
A Reflection on the Resurrection
Survey Says…

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With summer just two short weeks away, I have been constantly reflecting on this past year that has flown by, and the many things that came along with college that I wasn’t expecting/ had never thought about until I got here. I’ve decided to make multiple lists for the incoming freshman, lists that cover the different categories of college life.

List #1- things to bring that no one told you about. (I learned the hard way)

1. an umbrella… just because its in San Diego does not mean that it wont rain…

2. a beach towel.. yes you bring towels for the shower, but they probably cant double as both beach and shower towels.. although I tried, the sand that got in my eyes when I dried off after the shower was not always worth it…

3. extra pencils.. yes, you obviously buy pencils when the year starts, but after a few class periods of generosity, loaning out my pencils, I quickly discovered that I needed more.. in October.

4. a can opener.. as a broke college student, cheap canned food was awesome to buy, until I went to eat it and realized that I had no way of getting the cans open..

5. Costumes/ nicer dressy clothes.. Halloween is still a thing in college and thus you should bring a costume of some sort. The same goes for nicer events too. When the dress code is a little more than casual, it would be nice to have something to wear.

List #2- You cant take it with you so appreciate it now

1. Your dog (or any pet that’s not a gold fish). My dog (pictured above) is my best friend and is practically my shadow when I am home. I had no idea how hard it would be to not be near him every day!!!

2. Your car!!- Volunteer to drive everywhere you can now because once you are at Loma, freshman do NOT get cars on campus, so enjoy it now!

3. Family and Friends- obviously enjoy them every second you get.

4. Home-cooked meals- The cafeteria is fun and all, but there’s nothing like a great home-cooked meal!

5. Your mattress- Spring loaded twin beds are better than no beds, but they aren’t your luxurious tempurpedic bed from home. Soak it up now!

I have many more lists that I will continue to post in the upcoming weeks, so be on the lookout!






The year is coming to a close, and what better way to celebrate it than a roommate photoshoot! Annie, Lizzy, Claudia, and I were graced by the talents of Nate Weir, an amazing PLNU student photographer/our coworker at the ARC: click here to see his work. In addition, we took a photoshoot to celebrate Annie’s birthday. Our setting was right in our own backyard, the beautiful Sunset Cliffs.

I can’t believe that this year has come to a close and I am a week close to ending my sophomore year (and arguably the hardest year) of nursing school. This year has been a struggle, and felt like there were moments where I was searching for happiness but could find it. In the midst of the everything, I foudn that those difficult times highlighted the good times even more. I am thankful for all of the new friendships I’ve formed, the new opportunities I’ve received, and overall just thankful that God saw me through all of that. Now I’m off to the next section of this chapter in college called summer. Yes. Summer. I’ve never craved for summer as much as I have now. I’m embarking on a LoveWorks trip to Jamaica in just two weeks, and will be working at Hume Lake when I return as a high adventure guide. Hopefully the time away from school will allow me to destress and have me excited for the next year of college. But until then, adventure awaits!


So Loma had come to the last week of classes of the school year! I don’t know about you but around this time I can become easily overwhelmed and stressed. So I want to share a scripture that has helped me a lot through this time. “Now may the Lord of peace himself give you[…]

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Over the weekend, I tagged along with my dad to his business meeting in Dana Point. Lets be honest: I went for the pool access (I mean, look at it! Gorgeous!), but I did get to do a little networking. I haven’t heard back yet about any of the internships I applied for so desperate times call for desperate measures. My dad works in government so it isn’t exactly aligned with what I want to do in publishing, but it’s nice to know that he has so many connections. I hit it off right away with a woman who runs and HR company and needs an editing eye before she sends out her news letters to the various unions she represents. Not exactly what I was imagining when I signed up for a writing internship, but it’s in Sacramento so it wold be a nice change of pace and a good experience if I take the job. Plus she’s part of a Jane Austen book club, so what’s there not to like?

Speaking of which, I was trying to finish Sense and Sensibility when I took this photo. What you don’t see is that I fell asleep five minutes later and sunburned my entire body and now it hurts to wear pants. Oops. #Thingsyoulearnincollege #sunscreenisgood

calorado river trip

Over Easter break while most people were home spending quality time with family and catch up with old friends, I had decided to try something new. Point Loma has a program called “Great Escapes”, which hosts a variety of different excursions and adventures to get students away from campus typical life. On these trips students are introduced to new settings where they can explore God’s beautiful creation while getting to meet some incredible new friends. Without knowing anything about the trip itself, I signed up and paid for the Colorado River canoeing trip without hesitation, because I was itching for an adventure, and oh what an adventure it turned out to be. We drove for six hours before arriving at the breathe taking hoover dam. We spent the night under the stars at a Lake Mead camp ground and then woke up at sunrise to head to the Colorado River to begin canoeing. Going against the current was in no way an easy task, yet the entire time we were laughing hysterically and getting to know one another. I am very thankful for the experience that Great Escapes provided for me, and I will for sure be doing many more in the near future!

Spit It! Poetry & Spoken Word Open Mic Night

The ARC on Monday night became a place of coffee, tears, and beautiful words because of the Point Loma Poetry Club’s annual open mic event. Words cannot adequately describe the amount of respect and inspiration I felt because of each poet’s vulnerability  and talent. All I can say is that no one should ever miss[…]

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You’ve heard the term before. Maybe it’s the last few months of high school, you’ve gotten your acceptance letter and you’re just itching to be done with classes. No homework, no responsibilities, just sweet summer bliss as you await graduation. Well I’m definitely feeling that senioritis right about now even though I still have… *checks[…]

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This past weekend I had the opportunity to go camping with my local campus ministry near San Clemente. The retreat’s theme scripture was Matthew 11: 28-30 which is where Jesus talks about rest and how his burden is light. So the focus of the weekend was to retreat from daily life, to be refreshed by[…]

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Survey Says…

Being filled to the brim with delicious fruits and packed full of powerful antioxidants, it’s no wonder so many students at PLNU prefer to snack on these incredible acai bowls. I can honestly say that acai bowls are one of my absolute favorite things to eat, especially while soaking up the sun in OB. My favorite[…]

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